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What is The LIST exactly, is it another agency?

Nope! The LIST is founded and run by travel healthcare providers to provide organization and accuracy in the travel healthcare job search. Everyday we obtain the list of ALL direct jobs from many agencies, and organize the data into ONE searchable database for all of us to use WITHOUT referral fees coming out of our paychecks.

How do we know that the jobs on The LIST are LIVE and still open?

The LIST recruiters are required to update their job openings/closures EVERY DAY. As an extra measure, if a recruiter doesn't confirm that each job is still open, that job is automatically removed from our site after 72 hours. We also receive jobs from computer systems called VMS and MSPs, these jobs are less likely to be pulled down when they fill. We will continue to update our system to keep it as accurate as possible, and so you know which ones those are.

What if I do see a job that I know has closed?

Please tell us! We want to be as accurate as possible. If you let us know, The LIST staff can check it out and pull it down.

Why can’t I see which agency posted each job?

If a recruiter doesn't have an agency listed on their profile, it is because their agency hasn't created an account to confirm them yet.

What if I’m a new grad or have no experience in that setting, should I still apply?

YES! You can’t get the experience without starting somewhere! Keep in mind, your recruiter may ask to submit you at a lower range to keep your application competitive. This is just ONE way to get your foot in the door. For more ideas on how to get started, reach out to us directly, we’re happy to help.

I’m interested in X job but I need a shorter/longer contract than the proposed one.

You can still apply! The recruiter will receive your info and contact you before submitting. Just talk with them first, and let them know about your unique situation. They can guide you on the facility's needs.

Are Kamana and The LIST the same company?

Nope! (Although we do love them!) Kamana is our partnering business that acts as our traveler's "digital wallet" for their Univeral Application.

Are there any agencies that you DON’T allow on The LIST?

Yes. Having worked in this industry as a therapist for several years, I am aware of the reputation the most prevalent agencies have and have had my own interactions with them. If I wouldn't work with them, we won’t promote them. In addition to this, each Recruiter/Agency has to sign an agreement holding them to very high ethical standards in working with us travelers. If they breach those agreements, they're out.

What if I apply for a job and the pay is not as advertised?

That IS a problem! It's also known as a “bait and switch”. We do not allow this practice here. Sometimes however, there was a simple mathematical error, (there are a LOT of steps that go in to estimating take home pay that applies to any traveler's unique situation. ) Let us know immediately and we will look into it.

Are ALL the jobs from each agency on The LIST?

It depends! If the agency is working directly with us, all of the jobs from their system are present on our job board in real time. Sometimes, recruiters will create their own account with us and since our computers aren't automatically pulling the jobs over for them, they only list their BEST jobs. Hint: these are most likely to be open and accurate!

How do you choose which agencies are included in The LIST?

Great question! There are approximately 600 travel healthcare agencies; and we can only onboard so many at a time. We used to review each agency prior to acceptance, but now that we have star ratings, YOU, the travelers, get to rate the recruiters and agencies and decide how much representation they get on The LIST. Those with bad ratings drop to the bottom and those with great ratings float to the top. The goal is to have ALL  jobs from ALL agencies in ONE searchable database, and for you to know from our peers what to expect when working with them. We will get there!

What does Universal Application mean?

Oh, that's easy. It means that you can apply to ANY job from ANY agency on The LIST using ONE application that you keep updated in your profile. The hosting site is called Kamana and the link is on your profile page. :)